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What is an eSIM

There is a lot of confusion on what consumer mobile devices are supporting eSIM so we have decided to create a blog so that consumer globally can share what has and has not worked for eSIM.

1 What is an eSIM

2 How do you activate a eSIM with a QR code

3 What devices do the eSIMs work on [Really need help her to build a community knowledge base]

With the digitalization of society and the ever-increasing world of connected devices, the need for eSIM has arisen. An eSIM is a SIM-card that is embedded in the mobile device. … An eSIM will come in the form of an integrated SIM chip that cannot and need not be removed from a device. The eSIM is sometimes called an eUICC (embedded Universal Circuit Card). The information on the eSIM will be compliant and rewritable by all operators.

Under the the GSMA eSIM has become a global specification by which the GSMA enables remote SIM provisioning of any mobile device.

eSIM allows customers to store multiple operator profiles on a device simultaneously, and switch between them remotely. Remote provisioning means not only mobile devices but much smaller devices can be provisioned remotely. The GSMA is the only globally backed remote SIM specification for consumer devices. This universal approach allows manufacturers to grow the number of devices with a common embedded SIM architecture.

Consumers benefit from

  • Simple device set up
  • Devices can operate independently of smartphones ie smartwatch
  • A range of new, enhanced-connected devices
  • Access to multiple carriers and carrier switching on the one device

Whilst there is a multitude of carriers supporting eSIM and growing every month there a few who are allowing for seamless online access and activations. United Networks Global eSIM is one of the providers that allow access to a global footprint of networks combined with a very simple onboarding and activation process.

There a re several ways to provide a customer a eSIM we will focus on activating a consumer eSIM-ready device by using a QR code.

Let’s assume a user wants to buy an eSIM. The user can no go online at purchase a eSIM (example eSIM.Travel. Historically the user has had to wait for a SIM to be distributed and activated but now they can have a eSIM in seconds and activated instantly by simply scanning the QR code provided.

The QR code contains a set of information (e.g SM-DP+ address …) that tells the device where to download the profile from and activate the eSIM.

Insert image of United Networks eSIM and instructions sheets

Activating a eSIM has never been easier or more affordable than with United eSIM. You can easily add a region or country cellular coverage to your handset by scanning a QR code and you will receive a prepaid cellular data plan covering over 190 countries.

This is done straight from your phone is a few easy steps

Nicholas Ghattas

United Networks Limited

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    April 9, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    iPhone XR, XS and XS MAX activation guide for eSim

    Once you have purchased the eSim follow the below instructions to activate the sim on your device.

    1. Go to settings > mobile > add cellular plan

    2. Scan the QR code

    3. Enter the confirmation code

    4. Name your global sim

    5. Tap on next

    Adding a United Networks esim to your iPhone is that easy!

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    April 9, 2019 at 10:06 am

    To check if your iPad is compatible with the eSIM check here:

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