10 tips on how to stay connected while travelling

We all know the importance of being able to stay connected while travelling.

Sometimes, however, using your phone while enjoying your international holiday can turn out to be an expensive affair. We have collected some expert advice how to stay connected and safe without breaking the bank!

1. Get a Global Wi-Fi Pass

What better way to use internet than with unlimited usage? To check out a the best Global WiFi you shoul  install the United Networks WiFi app onto your smartphone, add a Wi-Fi pass, and get access to unlimited download and upload on 67+ million supported hotspots worldwide. Find the closest supported hotspot in the app or click here to view the United Global WiFi coverage map.

2. Keep an eye on your phone settings.

To minimise unexpected data usage and maximise savings, we recommend that you only enable data roaming on your device’s Settings when actively using the internet. When you don’t need to be online, switch your data roaming off. This simple trick will ensure no unnecessary data is being used and maximise your savings on data roaming charges.

3. Get an International eSIM or Roaming SIM

One example is where their Global eSIM and Travel SIM supports over 600 networks in 190 countries so you can stay connected no matter where you travel. The setup is simple and the service is prepaid, ensuring there is no bill-shock when you get home. This solution is ideal for smartphones and tablets, providing you up to 95% savings on your roaming charges.

4. Save the app updates for later

Enabling automatic app updates can drastically drain your data when you’re travelling overseas. By disabling automatic app updates, or setting it up so that updates will only be downloaded via Wi-Fi and not cellular data, you will save substantially on roaming costs and be in complete control of your usage. Remember to check these settings before your departure to prevent any potential cellular data leak while you travel!

5. Stay on track – offline!

You do not need to be online to stay on track. Simply save the Google map of your destination areas offline – you will still have the ability to zoom in and out without having to be connected to data roaming. Other great offline navigation apps include HERE WeGo, GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic, CoPilot GPS, Maps.Me, and MapOut.

6. Keep your family up to date!

To make sure the family and friends back home are not stressing out, you have the option if you sign up to a good Global SOS alert provider.  In this particluar one you are able to to mark down emergency contacts. If there would be an emergency incident where you are located we will send you a message asking you to mark if you are safe or need assistance. These responses will be forwarded to your emergency contacts!

7. Select the right browser

You might not know this but just by changing the browser you use on your device can save you many MBs! The best and most user-friendly ones are Google Chrome and Opera Mini, which have been proven to reduce data usage of up to 50% and 90%, respectively, compared to other browsers on the market. These browsers compress most of the content on their servers BEFORE sending it to your phone. This means less download is needed and more savings on your roaming costs!

8. Multiple network availability

When using a eSIM or Roaming SIM  there is a big chance they support more than one network at your destination. So in case you are in an area where one network has got bad coverage you can always connect to the other network to get a better connection. We would recommend you check out the supported networks for your destination so you easily can connect manually if need be.

9. Download books and music pre-trip

If you are one of the more organised travellers, this simple tip might be nothing new. But for the rest of us, this can significantly reduce travel roaming charges. If you wish to read books and listen to music on the go, spend a bit of time before your departure to download the e-books and playlists when connected to your home Wi-Fi network. If you forgot to do this beforehand, simply connect to one of United Networks’ supported hotspots through our Global Wi-Fi pass and start downloading!

10. Bundle up!

To make the most out of your spend, we recommend purchasing a data pack for your eSIM or Roaming SIM . This can bring your data costs down to as little as $7 USD per GB! Check click here to see if your destinations are included in a zone and with a click of a button, you can add a data pack to your Global SIM. You can even purchase data packs as vouchers, which can be redeemed and added to your service at a later date.

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