Global eSIM removes the fear of roaming fees

I am sure you have heard stories about travellers returning home from a trip only to discover hefty roaming charges on their account?

These stories are far too common and even though a traveller thinks his usage might be covered under a specific deal with their local carrier these deals often have exceptions that could result in a very expensive holiday.

For example, this article where a traveller thought they were connected in Europe but instead connected to a Turkish network when they were sailing and racked up an £8,000 charge for 40 minutes’ data.

With an eSIM such as these fears are now a thing of the past. With the eSIM or Roaming SIM travellers now have taken back the power of roaming.

These are prepaid solutions that offer great roaming rates. You can for example at get a Global eSIM or Global SIM and add a data pack that costs as little as $7 USD for 1GB.

These are prepaid solutions that offers great roaming rates. You can for example at get an eSIM or normal SIM depending on your device and add a data pack that will give you data that costs as little as $7 USD for 1GB.

The reason why these providers can keep roaming pricing so low is due to a multi IMSI technology. The provider can basically compare several different pricing for each network in each country and allow connection to networks and IMSIS that offers the most affordable roaming rates.

Due to these services are prepaid it takes away the worry about unforeseen roaming charges as the consumer will always be in charge of their spending.

The Global eSIM or Travel SIM both work in over 190 countries across over 600 networks so the user will stay connected even in rural areas.

As you probably noticed in the last sentence they support a lot more networks then countries, which means that in a country you might find several supported networks. This results in you getting better coverage than just purchasing a local SIM at your destination as that SIM would most probably only work with one network. So that might leave you uncontactable while your friend using a Global SIM have a great connection to another network.

So if you are worried about roaming fees or looking for an option to keep you connected on all your trips to come, have a look at a Global Roaming Solution.

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