Stay connected in Europe this summer with an eSIM!

When you think about summers in Europe, you might picture yourself sipping ice tea next to the river Seine in Paris or maybe drinking a beer on the main square in Kraków?

Maybe you rather experience the midnight sun in Northern Sweden or spending some sunny days in Greece while enjoying newly baked bread with olives and tzatziki?

No matter where you go in Europe during the summer, it is an inspiring time to visit their cities and villages.

What countries to visit?

There is no way you can travel to Europe and only visit ONE country!

They are so easily accessible and crossing a border will mean a new culture, new amazing cuisine and new languages to learn. To choose what countries would suit you have a look here:

How should I stay connected?

Because you will likely travel through more than one country, you need to either use your normal provider and be ready to fork out some serious $$ for roaming fees, or you can use the best roaming products which are designed to keep you connected for less.

One example is United Networks Travel products  

As you are exploring the wonders of the European countries and cultures you need a way of staying connected and therefore you should get either an eSIM like or a great roaming SIM card.

These roaming solutions will automatically connect you to the strongest supported local network at your destination. At the same time, it enables you to keep the same number throughout your whole trip. The service is prepaid, so you don’t need to worry about any roaming bill waiting for you in your letter box when you get back home.

If you are planning to use data while roaming the streets in Europe, we recommend purchasing a Zone 1 Data Pack. It will cover all the European countries and United Networks are currently offering 1GB pricing from $7 USD.

You can also test to use a Global WiFi solution such as United Global Wi-Fi.

With United Global Wi-Fi, you never need to manually sign up for every single Wi-Fi hotspot ever again. United Wi-Fi will either connect you automatically if you are using an Android handset, or invite you to connect with a click of a button if you are using an iPhone.

United Global Wi-Fi offers UNLIMITED usage on over 67 million supported hotspots with great coverage in Europe . To check the coverage at your destinations, click here.

We wish you a connected European adventure!

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