How do I switch between using my local SIM and my Global eSIM?

When using an International eSIM while travelling such as to save money on roaming fees it is very simple to switch between your local SIM and your Travel eSIM.

When making phone calls or sending an SMS, you can specify on your device in the settings menu whether you want to use your Primary (regular) SIM or your International eSIM. You can also navigate to your device’s Mobile/ Cellular Settings and select which SIM you would like to use as the “Default Voice Line”.

For data, please go to your device’s Mobile/Cellular Settings, select Mobile Data, and specify which mobile plan you would like to use. Please note you can only use data from one mobile plan at a time. This means if you have both your local SIM and active on your device, you must specify which SIM to use data from.

  • If you have not departed for your trip, we recommend you use data from your normal, local SIM.
  • If you are travelling, we recommend you use data from your affordable

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