Why the eSIM is shaking up the telco industry

With more and more providers announcing the inclusion of the eSIM in their newly launched devices, we have investigated how this might affect the telco industry as we see it today.

Set aside the eSIM features we have already talked about

  • Use their normal SIM and eSIM simultaneously
  • Always have the Global eSIM ready-to-go
  • Activate multiple eSIM plans
  • Avoid bill-shocks

The eSIM will also contribute to a change for the traditional telcos and their plans as we see them today.

We are already starting to see a change in phone plans due to the launch of the eSIM and we think this is just a taste of what is yet to come.

In a nutshell the eSIM allows consumers to be more in charge of their own phone plans. It allows them to be able to change providers more frequently if they would find a better offer elsewhere and this is putting pressure on the telcos to become more competitive.

Some of the future changes we expect to see in accordance with the eSIM getting more and more in the hands of the everyday consumer are:

Roaming charges will be a thing of the past

The new Global eSIM and travel eSIM we see on the market are contributing to creating a completely new roaming experience for the customer. is a great example how the eSIM enables the consumer to #getreadytoroamon their terms.

With not needing to worry about researching the Best Roaming SIM or the best local SIM at your destination you can with a click of a button activate a United Global eSIM roaming solution that will keep you connected globally. Gone are the days worrying about a bill shock after your holiday, you can now easily manage your roaming on your terms.

The pricing of global roaming at is easy to understand compared to offers from local telcos that most often that not can result in receiving unexpected roaming charges

United Networks has created a world first innovating travel solution that not only includes affordable Global Roaming but also Global SOS alerts. So you are not only connected on your terms, you are also always up to date about incidents in your area as you are travelling.

More unlocked mobile plans and devices.

If you look at the amount of handsets sold under contract in Australia around 20% of them are locked into a contract with the provider. This is set to drop to under 8% by 2020. This is going to open up the opportunity for more consumers to be more in charge of their mobile plans and expenses. This will open up for more competition amongst telcos as they could with a specific promotion get consumers to change networks and then they would have to keep working towards keeping them customers so they don’t go to another provider with a sweeter deal.

Online sales will increase

Today  many consumers feel the need to walk into a shop and discuss different deals and promotions, but in the future we will see more and more consumers making their telco choices online. There is no need to order a physical SIM card or to get assistance to setup your mobile devices. All these choices and the support can be provided online.

This will  allow consumers to get a larger variety of options quicker and geta better overview of suitable options.

We are very excited to what other changes the eSIM will bring to the telco industry

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