Why Global Security Alerts together with an International eSIM are your perfect travel companions

Dangerous incidents happens daily all over the world, making it difficult to keep track of people when they travel.

United Global eSIM has currently got an offer that includes 24/7 Global SOS alerts and Unlimited United Global WiFi that saves you the hassle of worrying about your safety and how to stay connected while travelling. When you download the United Networks App you will get security and safety updates from trusted sources around the world 24/7. This means you can monitor emergency situations including man made incidents and natural disasters as they are reported.

When combining the Global SOS alerts with the innovative and groundbreaking United Global eSIM you get a world’s first security and connection solution that will revolutionise the travel scene.  

Nicholas Ghattas, CEO of United Networks announced at a travel conference earlier last year.

“ The SOS alerts provides targeted real time “alerts” using GPS technology that enhances the ability of global insurers assistant teams to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events. As a consequence it increases their ability to respond to risks that threaten affected customers.“

More than just a crisis notification service, United Networks SOS Alerts has a range of innovative features, enabling you and your loved ones or your employers to stay informed of your safety status while you travel.To take a look for yourself or to get in contact with them head to their website

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