Android United Global eSIM and SIM Data Activation

Before you can use data, you will need to change the data settings on your mobile device. This can usually be found in:

1) Settings
2) Wireless and Networks
3) Mobile Networks
4) Access Point Name
5) Press the menu key on your phone and select “Add APN” or “New APN”

For Name and APN please type in globaldata (note: lower case, one word).
For everything else including username and password, please leave blank. Ensure that the new APN is saved and selected.

Please also ensure you have Data Roaming switched ON when you wish to use data by going to:
1) Mobile Networks
2) Data Roaming

We recommend you ONLY turn Data Roaming ON when you wish to use Data Roaming. When you do not want to use it ensure you turn it OFF to prevent your credit from being drained.

More Detailed Instructions for your International Sim and videos can be found at click on Tutorials Data Settings Video

Other useful links include

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